This are the 10 steps you will have to follow to buy a property in Spain:

  1. You mighy obtain a NIE  (the identification number for foreigners); you can apply for it in Spain, by yourself or someone in your name with a power of attorney,  or at your consulate in you country  if you’ve not traveled here yet.
  2. After having your NIE you will be able to open a bank account, with is needed to get a mortgage and easyer to have one for the rest of the payments.
  3. Look for a mortgage in a spanish bank
  4. To find a property, make sure everything is Ok withe the ITE , Comunity, Debts, etc
  5. Make an offer /reserve; to leave a deposit for the agreement,  around 1% of the price
  6. To reserve the property  with a 10% of the price, signing a contract with the owner.
  7. The bank will do an official valuation
  8. Go to the Notary, prepare the required documents to signe the purchase.
  9. Pay the taxes: between 6% and 10% in second hand depending the area of Spain , and 10% for new properties.
  10. Registration in the property registry

Of course i recomend you to choose a Spanish Real State Agent, API, who speaks english and can do all this for you, make sure you puchase in the real Price, you pay the taxes and you do everything as the law marks.

You REALTOR should  have a surety an  liability insurances.

If you need help in Madrid, get in contact with me:

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